papa g  
I–Rise Bakery was born in 1999 from a simple neighborhood desire for fresh homemade baked goodies. Founder Gardner “Papa G” Lund had been a baker for well over a decade working in the most prominent bakeries in the Santa Cruz area (as well as a few years in Hawaii and some time in the Los Angeles area) when he started making bread at home a few times a week for his family of six. His commitment was to obtain the freshest ingredients available and make the most nutritional breads for his family, being disappointed by the choices available in markets and in most bakeries at the time, as well as to perfect the art of making REAL bread, something with substance, not just sweet, puffy, soft stuff to hold the PB & J’s together. Using mainly organic whole grains, nuts and seeds and using only natural leavening (flour + water = sourdough starter), Papa G developed the most nutritional and delicious soul– satisfying breads in the area. Extra loaves were always shared with friends and neighbors, who began asking if they could pay to guarantee a weekly loaf. From those days of cruising around on bicycle with the “Little I’s” in the trailer delivering bread on the West Side of Santa Cruz, to now that the I-Rise Bakery serves much of Santa Cruz County, from Boulder Creek all the way down to Capitola, the Word has spread the same way strictly through friends and neighbors looking for a fresh alternative to mass-produced store-bought food. The I-Rise Bakery’s commitment is simplicity itself, using only the freshest organic ingredients (as local as possible), making everything by hand, and bringing it fresh to you the customer with a great big smile and a sincere personal touch.